Dysinfectr cleans your iPhone and iPad screen from germs. The app produces ultrasound and infrared light using normal iPhone programming tools, and kills germs that are so abundant on your screen.

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Think the floor is dirty? Our your kitchen sink or toilet bowl swarm with germs? Research has shown that an average mobile phone screen has much more germs on it than many of the dirtier places on the planet. And this is perfectly understandable. During the day, we touch all kinds of different things that many other people touched before us. And guess what we touch next? Of course, our indispensable iPhone or iPad. And the germs stick there and wait.

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Smartphones and tablets have indeed become very smart these days. They can read your emails, play games, schedule your meetings, synchronize themselves with the Cloud, update their OS version. So, why not clean themselves as well... Sounds simple, any human can do that very well. Alas, no automatic solution for such a mundane task existed before Dysinfectr. We set out on a journey to fix that sad situation and create a way for devices to disinfect themselves.

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After a lengthy research, we have finally come to a combination of correct soundwaves and light patterns that can actually destroy germs on smartphone and tablet computer screens.. We have developed a "Blade" that swypes the screen up and down to discover and destroy germs. We are constantly improving the technology to disinfect in the most efficient way, to be able to take care of as many species of viruses and bacteria as we possibly can.

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About us

We are a group of gentlemen and scholars, who are passionate about two things: cleanliness and iOS programming.

Our team is diverse, but has one thing in common - we keep our hands clean.

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